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Storage Under Stair

With the storage under stairs, the things will be easy to keep the territory clean. When you use the space under the stair as a storage, your home will look spacious and have order under control. We all have those open spaces below the staircase that are perfect to fill all these shoes, books or seasonal items, or to be simply beautifully decorated.

Features assembled in these bespoke under-stair storage units are moving things on, maximising cubic volume to add a dimension of visual drama as well as functionality, serving the development of our homes from being interiors of mere utilitarian function to centres of imaginative aesthitic stimulation. With a wide selection of quality materials and finishes, these subtle cabinets are available in contemporary and traditional styles, as each item can be customised to fit into opulence in either setting. Dreams of a disordered feature home can now be put to bed.

Finally, efficiency marries elegance. We make sure every installation runs smoothly and quickly so as not to disturb your routines and make our lives easier. We are with you from the beginning through to the end, in a true partnership to make sure that everything is put to good use – and looks beautiful at the same time. Make your home more charming and useful today, with our bespoke under-stair storage.

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Benefits of Storage under stairs

Make good use of your Storage Under Stair and bring a new living experience. Store even more in your main living space Under your stairs Introduction One feature of the family country house I stayed at in Italy is that it never fails to impress its guests upon entry. The sight that greets you is a massive entryway far too tall to accommodate a chandelier. Under this entryway is an equally vast living space supported only by two structural walls and an elaborate banister that leads to what can be nothing but a magnificent staircase.

Our custom storage units are the convenient way to neatly stow the stuff people have – shoes and coats, books and toys – under almost any staircase. With impeccably crafted drawers, cabinets and shelves equipped to fit under the space available, items can be stored securely with easy access.

Benefits of fitted bedrooms

  • Friendly Company willing to give you a guideline price over the phone or online.
  • Quick response and Appointment date.
  • We can fit and deliver from ordering within 10 to 14 days.
  • 10 years full guarantee.
  • Covering London and the Home Counties.
  • Better value than your high street fitted wardrobe companies, but like for like as same quality as high street companies.
  • Made to measure any finishes, any sizes, in-house fitting teams tailored according to your needs.

Not only functional but also fashionable, this set of trunks come in a variety of finishes and styles to complement any existing decor and avoid a kitschy look. Get rid of that stuff in the hallway and enjoy a new home where form and function blend.

Customized Of Storage Under stair

Transform your home with our under-stair storage. Turn that space under your stairs from a forgotten nook into an attractive, practical under-stair storage solution appropriate for your unique needs. Whether you need additional space, footie equipment, or everyday items, our under-stair storage units not only provides beauty but great utility as well.

Fitted and panelled shelving and cabinetry is available in a range of finishes and configurations, so it will integrate neatly into any period interior. Sliding drawers and pull-out shelves, supplemented by cleverly concealed cupboards and cubbyholes, let you utilise every available square foot. Under-stair storage means space for everything and everyone.

They are built from the highest-quality materials to ensure that they last for a long time, and will not only keep your home looking good, but should add value too. It is a versatile solution for all life styles; whether your family is busy and has lots of things to organise, or you are a minimalist and are looking for sleek solutions to keep your home tidy and stylish then under-stair storage is the right option for you. Make the best use of your space with our under-stair storage systems.

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